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Antigonish PC Candidate Ray Mattie hearing a number of concerns going door to door

Antigonish Progressive Conservative Candidate Ray Mattie has wasted no time starting his door to door campaign. Mattie visited rural communities on the first day of election season here in Nova Scotia.
Mattie says the concerns he hears from residents are quite simple; help our roads, health care and teachers. In particular, rural residents are tired of seeing worn out roads:
 Mattie says he is looking forward to hearing from the residents of Antigonish, and is prepared for his rookie season of running for provincial politics.
While touring through the county, Mattie heard frustration from residents about the current Liberal Government. Overall, a lack of organization and thoughful spending has residents feeling sour:
If elected, Mattie wants to keep jobs in Antigonish and create better opportunities for the people of the area. He plans to continue his door-to-door visits until election day.