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Barney’s River Fire Chief welcomes announcement to twin Highway 104 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish

Barney’s River Fire Chief Joe MacDonald is all smiles.  MacDonald finally got what he has long lobbied for, a twinning of Highway 104 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish.  That 38 kilometre section is one of three 100-series highways that will be twinned by the province over the next seven years, without tolls at a cost of 390 million dollars.
MacDonald says his firefighters have been called out to too many collisions on that section of highway.  He says a twinned road will lead to fewer and less serious accidents.
MacDonald says strong public support was a big factor in convincing the province to twin the highway.  Twinning of the Highway 104 section is expected to cost 285 million dollars.