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Posted at 7:38 pm on July 29, 2014

The Sport Nova Scotia Support 4 Sport community grant deadlines have been changed and revised.  Stephanie Spencer is the Community Sport Development Coordinator for the Highland Region,  located in Antigonish.

Spencer has some pointers on how to create a successful application. That includes giving a strong explanation of the long term benefits of the project and a strong budget including explanations for revenue, partnerships, collaboration and the overall impact of the project.  More information is available at

Posted at 7:33 pm on July 29, 2014

Today’s date on the Roman Catholic calendar coincides with the namesake of the hospital in Antigonish.  It’s the `Feast of St. Martha.`  She was the sister of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Lazarus.  St. Martha’s Regional Hospital was originally founded in 1906 by the congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha.  The first members came from a group of women who had responded to a call from Bishop John Cameron of Antigonish in 1894.

Posted at 7:23 pm on July 29, 2014

The fishers of Canso have made the ultimate sacrifice harvesting from the sea for hundreds of years.  That’s according to former mayor and MLA Ray White.  He says the Annual Provincial Seamen’ s Memorial Day Service is just one way to salute them.  White says `fishing` is embedded in Canso’s fascinating history.  White says it’s the “forgotten colony.“  He talks about one chapter when the `Father of the American Navy` initiated an historical campaign in the 1700s.

Wikipedia states:  “Since the 16th century, Canso has been a strategically important fishery base. It is said that the harbour of Canso was frequented by European fur traders and fishermen within a dozen years of the arrival of Columbus in America.  The 38th Annual Provincial Seamen’ s Memorial Day Service is taking place August 10th starting at 2 PM.

Posted at 7:18 pm on July 29, 2014

Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe Mac Lean is quite impressed with an economic heavyweight’s ability to keep it’s lips sealed about a major project in Bear Head of the Point Tupper area.  An Austrailian firm’s plan to purchase property for a Liquefaction operation has been a secret for more than three years.  Mac Lean says he requested that the company should keep their plans in the vault because he didn’t want the community to have a false sense of hope.



Mac Lean says the previous property owners wanted to freeze the gas offshore. Then the material would be taken to port for a de-freezing process before its transported to a pipe.  But Liquefaction is a different concept.  The port would receive gas where it would be frozen and placed on a Liquefaction ship with global destinations such as China, Japan etc.

Posted at 4:38 pm on July 28, 2014


A female Pictou County elementary-school teacher will undergo an assessment in connection with sex offense charges against underage students.  None of the alleged incidents happened at Thorburn Consolidated School, where Hood taught Grade 6.  She was expected to enter a plea this morning.  She was not in attendance, but her lawyer was granted a request for an assessment to determine if the suspect is fit to stand trial.  The next scheduled court date is in late September.

Posted at 4:33 pm on July 28, 2014

The Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority and its counterparts across the province are weighing in on the cost of giving employees a day off early next winter.   The province will fork over more than 3-million dollars, total, to the health authorities for the February Holiday.   GASHA’s share is 125-thousand dollars.  Liz Millet is the local Chief Executive Officer.

On the high end,  the February Holiday will cost Capital Health one-point-one million dollars.  On the bottom end, it will cost Colchester-East Hants about 82 grand.

Posted at 4:29 pm on July 28, 2014

Imagine living to 100 years of age.  Your chance of becoming a centenarians is better these days according to recent studies.   Researchers say there were six thousand centenarians living in Canada in 2011, but that number is expected to increase to 78 thousand by 2061.  Chris Buttigieg  is with the BMO Wealth Institute.

The research shows the greatest concern among Canadians when thinking about living to 100 is losing their mental abilities.  Three-quarters feel that health/medical costs will have the biggest financial impact on their senior years.  Also, Canadians expect to spend an average of 53-hundred dollars  a year, on out-of-pocket medical costs after the age of 65.

Posted at 4:26 pm on July 28, 2014

A former Pictou County mayor and Board Member of St. F.X. University has passed away.  Clarence Porter served a nine year term as mayor of Stellarton.  As well as serving as a Board Member of St. F.X,  Porter was also Chairman and past President of the Children’s Aide Society of Pictou County and he was also a Board Member of the Nova Scotia Kidney Foundation.  His Mass of Christian Burial will take place on Wednesday.

Posted at 4:25 pm on July 28, 2014

A 19 year old woman from Antigonish is facing impaired driving charges.  RCMP say she was held overnight in jail after being arrested on Church Street on Saturday morning.  She will appear in court in Oct.  RCMP also say three people were held in custody for being drunk in public.

Posted at 4:24 pm on July 28, 2014

The St. FX Athletics Director wants the community to be more involved in athlete, team and builder tributes.  Leo Mac Pherson helped to revitalize the university’s sports hall of fame in providing consistency. His panning resulted in three classes of nominations, rather than just acknowledging the student-athletes.  Also, an induction ceremony is now held every two years although the frequency was a bit more random before Mac Pherson took the reins.  He says there are many deserving people, but nominations are often few.

In 1976, St. FX became the first university in the conference to have a sports hall of fame.  The next ceremony will be held in October.  To see the most recent list of inductees–  four athletes, one builder and two teams–  visit our website at