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Posted at 7:56 am on November 26, 2015

The Antigonish County Recreation Department is launching an online registration website.   You’ll be able to tap into programming information electronically starting in mid December.    Marlene Melanson is the recreation department director.  She says the technology will save administrative time in the office– allowing staff to focus more on enhancing programs while improving service for customers.

Officials say the launch of the new website is the result of reviewing years of community feedback and generous support from the county.

Posted at 7:53 am on November 26, 2015

 Members of the St. FX University community are taking steps to sponsor Syrian refugees.  The University faculty has agreed to establish a committee in support of a local group that’s currently working on sponsoring two refugee families in the area, Syria-Antigonish Families Embrace. The chair of University Faculty Dr. Charmaine McPherson says a working committee of St. FX professors brought the idea to faculty earlier this month.
The goal is to raise 100-thousand dollars on campus to sponsor refugee families.  McPherson says St.FX plans are in the early stages.  A town hall meeting is planned for Monday to discuss further plans 

Posted at 7:51 am on November 26, 2015

The Victorian Order of Nurses is undergoing a major overhaul.  However the changes won’t affect programming in Nova Scotia.  The VON says it’s ceasing operations in six provinces; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.  The size of its head office will also be reduced.
The VON says in a release this will allow the agency to focus on its two principal service areas, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  More than 350 people are affected by the changes.

Posted at 8:47 am on November 25, 2015

Sobey’s is teaming up with special olympians in our community and across the country.  The grocery chain, based in Stellarton, is providing increased access to nutrition education for people with intellectual disabilities.  Joan Conrad is the co-ordinator for Eastern Highlands Special Olympics.  She says this program is extremely valuable because maintaining a healthy diet is sometimes easier said than done.

Researchers say people with intellectual disabilities face significant health issues such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Experts say nutrition education is key to reducing the risks.

Posted at 6:52 am on November 25, 2015

A candidate for the provincial NDP leadership is making his rounds in the province.  Gary Burill is one of three hopefuls so far.  The others are Dave Wilson and Lenore Zann.  Burill is currently campaigning in Antigonish and has the support of former MLA and cabinet minister Maurice Smith.  Burill says he appreciates the endorsement. He speaks about a key issue for the party if he becomes leader.
A leadership convention is taking place in Dartmouth in late February.

Posted at 6:47 am on November 25, 2015

An international student studying at St. FX University says he’ll be bringing home a lot of lessons following fall convocation in a couple of weeks.
Master Chimbala is a community worker, the founder of the Savannah Intercultural Mission in Zambia, a group that works with families, children and youth.  He is also a television personality, and motivational writer in his country.  Chimbala, a participant in the Coady Institute’s Development Leadership Diploma program, says what he’s learned will allow his organization to reflect on their strengths.
Chimbala says he came to St. FX to assist the mission in building its long term sustainability.

Posted at 6:41 am on November 25, 2015

An Antigonish County native says there is no mystery or secret to enjoying a long happy life.  Lil Bowie-MacCuish is celebrating her 102nd birthday.  She says being active, eating well and enjoying time with family keeps her going.  Bowie-MacCuish says times have changed. When she was young, there were no smart phones or video games.  She’s worried about the young people these days and fears they will grow to experience sedentary lifestyles.

Lil grew up in New France, Antigonish County and eventually moved to work in New Glasgow in her late teens.  She married when she was 28. 

Posted at 6:39 am on November 25, 2015

An Afton man is facing several charges including attempted murder.   Antigonish RCMP says someone told them about an alleged incident that occurred earlier this month.  The report encouraged the Major Crimes Unit to search a residence where they located weapons including a machete, knives and nun chucks.  Eight-teen year old Issiah Julian is facing other charges including: aggravated assault, possession of dangerous weapons, breach of probation and breach of undertaking.  Police say the alleged incident is not a random act, and the victim and suspect know each other.

Posted at 6:37 am on November 25, 2015

The Strait Regional School Board wants your input on what its electoral boundaries will look like.  It’s inviting submissions from the public, including the board’s next meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd to discuss the issue. If you’re interested in expressing your views at that meeting, you must inform the board by Monday afternoon and have a written presentation into the board office by Tuesday afternoon.
If you can’t attend, the board will accept written submissions.
The Board must file its application on boundaries by the end of December with the Utility and Review Board.
The Education Act requires that school boards must review their boundaries every eight years and submit an application to either confirm or change to the Utility and Review Board.

Posted at 10:44 am on November 24, 2015

An Inverness nurse is proud of her community for its efforts in helping people living with Cancer.  Theresa Mac Donnell and her colleague are saying `thanks` to the Inverness Hospital Auxiliary for Yoga program funding.  Mac Donell says this activity provides mental and physical benefits.  She says it also creates a warm social environment for participants.  Mac Donell points out that the Auxiliary is also generous with its time, one example is that they knit chemotherapy caps.

Mac Donell says the volunteers should also be commended for helping to buy important hospital equipment.