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Posted at 2:29 pm on May 25, 2016

The Guysborough District Municipality isn’t happy with some of the terms from the province for absorbing the Town of Mulgrave.  The town is seeking permission from the Utility and Review Board to merge with the rural municipality.  Guysborough District Council approved a resolution recently that states while it isn’t opposed in principle to the town’s dissolution, it opposes the merger based on the terms of a letter of intent proposed by the province.
Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts says one major sticking point is winter maintenance of the main road running through Mulgrave, Route 344.
Pitts says another concern is the future of the Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre and the potential financial impacts should the school close.  Pitts the municipality is willing to site down with province to iron out their differences

Posted at 2:27 pm on May 25, 2016

Special Olympians from across Northeastern Nova Scotia will compete at St. FX University on Friday.  In all, 190 athletes will be taking part in the Eastern Highlands Special Olympics Games; the highest registration ever for these games.
Regional coordinator Joan Conrad says that’s exciting.
The games will begin with a parade of athletes at 9:30 a.m.  St. FX President Kent MacDonald will officially open the games.  Everyone is welcome to come and cheer on the athletes.

Posted at 2:25 pm on May 25, 2016

It’s a weekend event for local residents of the Roman Catholic faith to rejuvenate body and soul.  Starting of Friday, a Healing Retreat will be held at St. FX Chapel and St. Ninian Cathedral.  It’s organized by the Director of the Devine Retreat Center in Toronto.
Leading the retreat will be Father Joby Kachapilly, director of the Toronto Centre.  Kachapilly says the retreat is intended to bring total healing to the participants.
The three day retreat concludes on Sunday.  Details of the retreat can be found on our web site,

Posted at 1:50 pm on May 25, 2016

Young athletes in Antigonish are getting a feel for the grid-iron and Friday Night Lights at Oland Stadium.   Gord Gallimore of Antigonish Minor Football says it’s inspiring to see the Peewee and Bantam teams play their hearts out.

Gallimore says they are thrilled that one girl has signed up to play– they would certainly like to see more.   The program currently borrows its equipment, but it hopes sponsors will step forward to help them purchase their own.    Please read below for more information:


Antigonish Jr. X-Men Youth Tackle Football 6-a-side Facebook group Link:

Perfect introduction to tackle football for boys and girls. An opportunity to try variety positions no matter your size or athletic ability. Games are played on a smaller field with fewer players. This is attempt to improve the game of football at the Dr. JH Gillis Regional High school and potentially bring a football program to the New Glasgow and Port Hawkesbury regional high schools.

Antigonish 6-a-side



Perfect introduction to tackle football for boys and girls.
Opportunity to try variety positions no matter your size or athletic ability. Played on a smaller field with fewer players to increase opportunity for involvement and engagement on field. Five of the six offensive players are eligible receivers. Program goals are to ensure players gain new skills, continue to develop in sport and have fun.


Season: Saturday April 23rd to June 25th, 2016

Practice Dates: Monday & Wednesday (6:00pm to 8:00pm) @ StFX Memorial Grass Field

Game Dates: Friday Night Lights (7:00pm to 10:00 pm) @StFX Oland Turf Field

Nova Scotia Students can add Google Classroom code: 0d8o2yy

Few Spots still available until Friday May 27th, 2016!!

Cost: $195


Football Nova Scotia is proud to partner with Support4Sport to bring you this excellent game and new league!

For more information, please contact: or

Posted at 7:22 am on May 25, 2016

Antigonish County Council still has the lowest commercial tax rate in the province.  That’s one of the highlights as council passed it’s nearly 14 million dollar balanced budget last night.  It remains unchanged. So does the residential rate of 88 cents per 100 dollars of assessment– in fact that’s the figure council has approved for nine years in a row  Warden Russell says the municipality is in a solid financial position.

The commercial tax rate is one dollar 46 cents per 100 dollars of assessment.   Meanwhile, the municipal sewer rate will remain at $311 /unit.

Posted at 7:20 am on May 25, 2016

Antigonish County Council hopes to finalize a deal for a local landmark this week.  Warden Russell Boucher says the county is proud that the old county jail won’t become a pile of rubble.  He can’t say much about Big House Rentals’ plan– other than they are in the business of providing apartments and the company is laying out it’s work for renovations.

Boucher says the county is relieved some one stepped forward with interest–  it was expecting to demolish the building otherwise.  The Antigonish Correctional Facility housed offenders for nearly 70 years– a ceremony to mark its official closing was held  in January 2015.

Posted at 7:17 am on May 25, 2016

For one Antigonish native, participating in the MS walk this weekend will be personal.  Alex MacDonnell, who now lives in Halifax will return home to be part of the walk in Antigonish.
MacDonnell joined her first MS Walk in 2012 after her first episode with MS.  MacDonnell says that’s why she keeps coming back.
The MS Walk is on Sunday.  Local walks will be held in Antigonish and New Glasgow.

Posted at 10:42 am on May 24, 2016

The Town of Antigonish is making plans to mount another mural in the community.  For the fourth year in a row, it’s inviting proposals from individual artists or groups for a large scale mural, about eight feet high and 12 feet wide.
The town’s special projects coordinator, Stephen Scannell says previous murals mounted in the town have been well received.
Proposals will be accepted up to July 22nd.  The winning artist will receive an honorarium of two thousand dollars

Posted at 10:39 am on May 24, 2016

Antigonish Mayor Carl Chisholm says he appreciates getting a look at the inner workings of facilities where local families earn their paycheques.  Chisholm and members of council recently had a tour of Port Hawkesbury Paper.  He say the town appreciates the invitation, and it was a educational experience.

Chisholm says having a better sense of how Port Hawkesbury Paper, and other local facilities operate, is something civic officials should take advantage of.

Posted at 10:38 am on May 24, 2016

A St. FX professor says his students amaze him more and more every day.  Eight graduate students in total have been awarded provincially funded scholarships that will help them conduct research ranging from computer vision to greenhouse gas emissions.  Two Antigonish area students on the receiving end say Dave Risk’s teaching methods enable them to succeed. Risk says he wants his students to becomes teachers in the lab and classroom.

The students, including Katlyn MacKay and Stephanie Macintyre,  are all recipients of the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship, each valued at $10,000.