Weekday Programs

You can also see our weekend programming here.

  • Win Breakfast for 2 from Subway with The Impossible Question @ 7:40am
  • ET Radio Minute, It’s the latest entertainment news, straight from Los Angeles – brought to you by DeCoste Interiors and Leslie’s Finery @8:40am
  • Stork Club: Births from St. Martha’s Hospital. (Fridays at 11:20)
  • Subway Office Lunch is awarded each Friday afternoon…enter here!
  • Tradio: Buy or sell, available 24 /7  here!

Join host Daryl MacLean for a weekend soundtrack at the intersection of High-Energy Drive and Classic Lane! Learn more at www.thebeachparty.ca.

Brought to you by Dairy Queen, Antigonish, ……JS MacDonald Financial….Down to Earth Art Gallery….Purl Brook D.K.I…Ceilidh Honda ,Antigonish Insurance Agencies & MLA Alan MacMaster.