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District of St. Mary’s hoping for a resolution soon on two decommissioned vessels

A high profile derelict vessel has garnered media attention, as the ship starts to pose an environmental hazard. The MV Farley Mowat is located in the Town of Shelburne, and action to remove the vessel has begun.
However, the Municipality of the District of Saint Mary’s has their own problem that they’ve been dealing with since 2011. The former Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker, the ‘Sir Charles Tupper’ was destined for a salvage operation, but was left alongside Highway 7 and was never touched.
At the start of June, a second vessel, the ‘Craig Trans’ was tied alongside the other ship, and now sit side by side. Warden Michael Mosher says the municipality has concerns regarding the potential threats the vessels pose to the area, but they have no jurisdiction to move either vessel. Mosher hopes that a government department will soon address the concerns, and remove both environmental threats from the local waters.