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Federal Government commits $500,000 to Oland Stadium Bleacher Replacement Project

More upgrades are on the horizon for St.FX Univeristy as they prepare to host the 2018 Canadian Special Olympics. The Federal Government of Canada announced

(Left to Right) Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher, Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron, StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald, MP Sean Fraser, Special Olympics co-chair Carl Chisholm, and Special Olympics athlete Theresa Borden

Monday they are investing $500,000 to Oland Stadium to enhance the facility’s capacity and accessibility.

University President Kent MacDonald, says this funding, along with Provincial funding of one million dollars in March goes a long way in helping the campus and larger community:
This project will replace aging outdoor bleachers in order to meet safety standards required to secure and host national sporting events. The 2018 Special Olympics will be underway one year from now.
MP for Central Nova and St.FX graduate, Sean Fraser, says this $500,000 investment helps the greater Antigonish community. It will create jobs and have a positive economic spinoff:
The basketball court is nearly completed with their renovations too, with the bleachers expected to be installed in early September