Inverness County Quarry Expansion Approved

Posted at 9:28 am on August 4, 2017 | Filed Under: News

Provincial Environment Minister Iain Rankin has approved the proposed expansion of a quarry in Rhodena, near Port Hastings.
The quarry, operated by Zutphen Resources, has been active for 25 years.  The company is proposing to expand the work area to 17 hectares on two tracts of land, including the current four hectare operating quarry.  A broader 25 hectare study was included when Zutphen Resources registered the project for enviromental assessment.
The company says the expansion is to serve the local market, the provincial transporation department , Ideal Concrete and other local contractors.
The current quarry produces 40 to 50-thousand meter tonnes of aggregrate a year.   The expansion is expected to begin next year, with a operational life of 20 years.