Judge to rule in New Year on District 3/5 Council Seat election

Posted at 8:41 am on December 23, 2016 | Filed Under: News

A judge has reserved decision on a case that will determine the status of a seat on St. Mary’s District Council.
On Wednesday the Municipality appeared before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Antigonish on their application to nullify the election result for District 3/5 in October’s municipal election. The outcome of the hearing on Wednesday was an agreement on the statement of facts and an announcement from the judge that a written decision on the matter would be delivered in the new year.

St. Mary’s Warden Michael Mosher said he had hoped for a decision on Wednesday stating that the municipality wants to move forward and name a councillor for the district as soon as possible.

The judgement, when it is submitted at an unspecified date in the new year, will either nullify the election results for District 3/5 or accept the results.