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MacIsaac Hall Residence at St. FX University to be vacant for 2017-2018 Academic Year

One St. FX University student residence will be left empty when classes resume in the fall.   The University has decided not to open MacIssac Hall, a first year residence.

MacIsaac Hall

Students scheduled to live in MacIsaac Hall will be relocated to other residences on campus.  The University’s Vice-President of Finance and Administration, Andrew Beckett, says after looking at residence occupancy rates at St. FX,  it was decided that MacIsaac Hall wasn’t needed for the upcoming school year.

Beckett says the re-opening of the Mount St. Bernard residence in 2016 and the addition of its 250 single rooms has had an impact on occupancy rates across campus.
Nearing the end of its life, Lane Hall is expected to be torn down in 2019.  An academic building that would be part of the Mulroney Hall development is proposed to occupy the site Lane Hall sits on.
MacIsaac Hall is expected to reopen for the 2018-2019 academic year.