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New connector path in Antigonish

The province and Town of Antigonish are teaming up to provide more accessible ways to connect the town through the Connect2 program. The town and province are putting ten thousand dollars each towards upgrades to a multi-use path between Chisholm and MacLellan Streets. 
Town Mayor, Laurie Boucher says this is the second time a project like this has been done in town, and the previous location between Maple and Northview Drive has been a well used conenctor. This updated path will make it easier and safer for children to get to school:
Minister Randy Delorey was on hand to discuss the funding, highlighting the benefit of walking or biking as opposed to driving. As Health and Wellness Minister, Delorey says this will help people with their daily activity, and reduce green house emissions:
The money will be used to reduce and smooth the slope of an exisiting multi-use path that exists between the two streets. The work goes hand in hand with the Town’s goal of making the area more accessible.