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PC’s to seek recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, Samson will not ask for recount in Cape Breton-Richmond

There will be one recount in a local riding from last week’s provincial election.  The Progressive Conservatives have asked for a recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie.  In that riding, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines won by 71 votes over PC challenger Rob Wolf.  No date has been set for the recount. It’s one of three recounts in the province; the others were requested by the PC’s in Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank, and the NDP in Chester-St. Margarets.

Liberal candidate for Cape Breton-Richmond Michel Samson has announced that he will not request recount following the May 30th election. Samson met with his campaign team on Sunday evening and decided not to request a recount after losing the seat by 21 votes to PC candidate Alana Paon.

Samson served as MLA for 19 years in the riding of Cape Breton Richmond. Samson says that: “I am grateful for the many colleagues from both the NDP and PC caucuses I have worked with during my time as MLA.  I always respected and admired their efforts on behalf of their constituents with the goal of making our province stronger.”

Samson says he will now spend time with family and friends and see what new opportunities lie ahead.