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Randy Delorey adjusting to New Role as Health and Wellness Minister

The Antigonish MLA is heading into summer time looking forward to the change of pace from covering finance, to now health and wellness. Randy Delorey says the learning curve between the two departments is an adjustment as he learns new information on the health side.
Delorey says he knows he will have his time cut out for him while he works with healthcare officials; especially after hearing from residents during the election:
Delorey says while there is room for improvement, not everything is as bleak as it might appear:
Delorey says they will still look for ways to improve the services within the province, and it helps knowing that there is a foundation to build off of.
 Delorey acknowledges that health care is a priority area for Nova Scotians, and he welcomes the challenge of looking at addressing issues within the system.