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Ray LeBlanc, a Returning Officer in Provincial Elections since 1963, retires

For the first time in more than 50 years, Ray LeBlanc of D’escousse will be watching a provincial election from the sidelines.   Since 1963, LeBlanc has been a returning

Chief Electoral Officer Richard Temporale (left) presents a QSV Award to retiring Cape Breton-Richmond Returning Officer Ray LeBlanc for his commitment to Quality, Service and Value.

officer  in Richmond County; presiding over 15 elections. Recently, LeBlanc announced his retirement.  Replacing LeBlanc as Returning Officer in Cape Breton-Richmond is Diane Rutherford of St. Peter’s

LeBlanc got his start by helping out his father Simon, who was the returning officer in the 1960 general election.

LeBlanc says he loved the work.


LeBlanc holds the unofficial title of the longest serving  Returning Officer in Canada.  No one else in the country, federally or provincially has served as long as a returning officer as LeBlanc.

Even though he’s retired, LeBlanc quipped he’ll continue to follow politics as long as it doesn’t keep him out of his garden.