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School Options Committee report discussed at School Board meeting in Antigonish

It was a packed house at Wednesday night’s Strait Regional School Board Meeting, which was held at St. Andrew Jr. School in Antigonish. The meeting featured presentations of the School Options Committee’s final report and recommendation for school closures, and a presentation representing concerned parents.

Matthew Boyd presented findings that discussed the problems arising from the recommended closure of Antigonish Education Centre. The savings for the budget that could come from this recommended closure, according to Boyd is only 0.6%. On top of this, closing AEC means higher enrolment at the remaining 4 schools:


In addition, St. Andrew Jr. School would need 5700 square feet added as a result of increased enrollment.

The superintendent of the Strait Regional School Board was pleased to see a high level of engagement at the meeting. The location of the meeting was moved to Antigonish to allow more locals to hear the final report and recommendation of the School Options Committee.

Ford Rice says now that the report has been received, he and the other board members will spend time looking at the report – which features a majority and minority report. Rice says seeing high attendance and engagement at these events is no surprise:


The public will have more time to have public discussion with SRSB members, as a working committee meeting will be held on April 19th. It is expected that a vote will happen on April 26 to decide the fate of the Antigonish Education Centre.