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SOC chair say its wanted to optimize the schools to best quality education for students

The School Options committee for the Dr. JH Gillis Feeder system has done their job and submitted the required reports to the Strait Regional School Board.


SOC Chair, Deepak Presad presented a majority report stating the SOC voted to recommend the closure of Antigonish Education Centre. In a phone call with XFM, Presad says the conclusion was reached after a great deal of deliberation and thought from SOC members.


Presad says that: “It all boils down to being part of the solution. There is no way to fix the problem, because there is no way to get “X” amount of students to move into those schools. We want to be engaged, we want to be part of the solution, and that’s how we operated”.


Ultimately, Presad says his goal, along with the entire SOC is to optimize the schools to ensure the best quality of education for the students. A decision will be made on April 26 to decide which avenue the SRSB takes.