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Some Antigonish Businesses seeking compensation from the twinning of 104 Highway

Five Antigonish businesses are seeking 3.6 million dollars in compensation from the province for losses resulting from the twinning of Highway 104.
The five businesses filed documents with the Utility and Review Board seeking the compensation under the Expropriation Act from construction of the first phase of the104 twinning that opened in 2012.  The businesses claim changes to the 104 impaired access to their properties and reduced market value.
The largest compensation claim comes from the owners of the Claymore Inn; they are seeking 2.6 million dollars. The other four businesses, Justamere Cafe, Pleasant Valley Nurseries, Down to Earth Art Gallery and Dreamcatchers Deli and Treats are asking for compentation ranging from 210 thousand to just over 300-thousand dollars.