St. FX University adds renowned Researcer Dr. Jacob Levman

Posted at 8:46 am on January 16, 2017 | Filed Under: News

St. FX university has strengthen an already solid research team. The university has added Dr. Jacob Levman. Levman is the new Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics in the Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department at St. FX.


Dr. Levman’s research goals include studies that examine neuroimaging and aim to develop new technologies to assist in the diagnosis and characterization of neurodevelopmental conditions to improve patient care and to help clarify understanding of a variety of disorders such as autism.


Levman says this research not only a local benefit, but possibly a global benefit.


Dr. Levman recently joined StFX from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School! He is opening his research areas to include the studies of MS, ADHD and cerebral Palsy. Dr. Levman is excited to work at St. FX, in particular, because of the wide opportunities for collaboration.