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Strait Regional School Board explore options for Smaller Classes in Schools

The Province and the Strait Regional School Board say they are continuously looking at ways to address the unique situations that are presented to them, as a result of low class numbers within some schools. During last evenings SRSB meeting, questions were raised about the quality of classes offered to students who attend schools with less than 8 students per class, resulting in less course offerings for some students.

Superintendent Ford Rice says that the Board has 2 plans in place for these situations, where children can take virtual classes, or rotate offerings for particular classes. Rice says they will be looking at ways to address this in the coming year to offer students the classes they require:

Rice says he will be chatting with principals to see if anything can address this concern for the upcoming year. Some scheduling changes may be made in order to accommodate students who want to have certain classes based on career or educational goals.