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Students Union President says cancelling BurMac game was the only option

The annual challenge hockey game between the Burke and MacIsaac residences at St. FX University has been cancelled.  There had been plans in recent months to bring the BurMac Cup back to the university campus after the Town and County of Antigonish decided not to permit the 2017 game to be played at the Antigonish Arena.   The 2017 game was tentatively scheduled to be played at the Keating Centre at the end of March, under conditions that were formed in a policy.


Students Union President Taylor Chase says that a number of issues lead to the cancellation of the game. The University and Students Union made the ultimate decision to cancel the game because requirements within the policy were not being followed. Chase says cancelling the game was the only option:



Chase says he is not sure what this will mean for the future of BurMac for 2018 and on. He hopes that some of the issues that caused the cancellation of the game can be resolved in the residences across St.FX