Posted at 11:36 am on December 16, 2016

Richmond District RCMP say one person has died in a two vehicle crash early this morning.  The crash happened shortly after 6 a.m. Police say 52-year-old woman was travelling East on Highway 104 in Evanston when her vehicle collided with an oncoming vehicle. She died at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

Posted at 4:36 pm on November 17, 2016

Antigonish RCMP are looking for a missing young person from Paq’tnkek.  Sixteen year old Gabriel “Gabby” Bridget Basque was last seen in the community last night (wed.)  Corporal Jennifer Clarke xxplains.

Police believe the teenager entered a dark grey newer model Ford Focus sedan with a temporary licence in the back window and it was occupied by one woman and two men.   Basque is an Indigenous 16-year-old female, 4-foot-11 and 100 pounds, with long brown hair and brown eyes.
gabby1 gabby2

Posted at 12:39 pm on October 28, 2016

Antigonish RCMP officer Morgan Mac Pherson says Hallowe’en can be a fun family time, but thinking safety will make all the difference in the world.  He wants parents and children to keep a few things in mind as the trick or treaters get ready to knock on your door on Monday.
RCMP always encourage parents and children to carefully check the treats before consuming or sharing them with someone else.

Posted at 12:29 pm on October 28, 2016

The new RCMP district commander for Inverness County is enjoying his new position.   Edmonton native Staff Sgt. Greg Redl has worked in several communities before relocating to Cape Breton including High Prairie Alberta, Cambridge Bay Nunavut and Fort St. James in BC.
Redl says traffic enforcement is one of their priorities in the district.

The previous Staff Sgt, Al Affleck, accepted a position at the RCMP dispatch centre in Truro.

Posted at 1:27 pm on October 18, 2016

Antigonish RCMP officer Morgan Mac Pherson says they’re putting together a team effort to get the attention of drivers.   Friday will mark a multi-agency check point involving the RCMP, vehicle compliance, the Antigonish County Volunteer Fire Department and EHS.  Mac Pherson says the campaign is part of the effort to educate the public on the “Keep Me Safe Law.“

The law requires drivers to slow down to 60 or obey the speed limit when it’s below 60.  Mac Pherson says when it’s safe to do so,  leave an empty lane next to emergency vehicles parked on the side of the road.

Posted at 12:53 pm on October 7, 2016

Antigonish RCMP officer Morgan Mac Pherson says anyone involved in making threats related to schools will not be dealt with lightly.  He says it’s disturbing, especially for young people and their parents.  Mac Pherson says they are investigated thoroughly, and although some have been made in this region as of late, we have been lucky because they turned out to be a hoax.

Mac Pherson says the RCMP is also working closely with the school board and other community partners.

Posted at 12:52 pm on October 5, 2016

 The RCMP is investigating a bomb threat at Baddeck Academy.
Police say it received a call shortly before 4 this morning indicating there were explosive devices placed at Baddeck Academy and that individuals with weapons were coming to the school.
RCMP officers consulted with representatives of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and the decision was made to close Baddeck Academy  for the day to allow police to search the school.  An RCMP Police Dog Service Team training in detecting explosives was used in the search.  The search was completed by 8:30; no explosives were found.

Posted at 12:55 pm on September 28, 2016

Antigonish RCMP say a two vehicle collision occurred Tuesday night on College Street.  A 54 year old Antigonish man is facing charges including impaired driving, refusal to provide a breath sample and driving while disqualified.  He will appear in court in late December.  The RCMP is encouraging you to call 911 if you suspect an impaired driver at any time.

Posted at 8:55 am on September 26, 2016

Antigonish RCMP say be sharp when the phone rings if there’s no familiar voice on the other end.   Police have issued a release telling people that the scammers are very cunning and creative.   RCMP say unfortunately, many people have been fooled into handing over their personal information.   RCMP Corporal Jennifer Clarke says it’s not only the people of Antigonish who are being targeted.

The RCMP say they has received numerous reports of callers posing as Canada Revenue Agency employees to demand victims pay back-taxes by purchasing iTunes cards and providing the activation codes. There have also been reports of callers impersonating victims’ relatives and police officers to get money and information.

Posted at 2:34 pm on September 16, 2016

RCMP is investigating a fatal two-vehicle collision that occurred on Highway 105 in Melford, Inverness County.

Police says preliminary investigation has concluded that a truck pulling a camper trailer collided with an SUV. The truck was travelling towards Port Hawkesbury while the SUV was travelling towards Sydney. The female driver and sole occupant of the SUV died. Two men in the truck sustained what is believed to be non life-threatening injuries and were transported to hospital.

An RCMP Traffic Analyst is attending the scene. Highway 105 is closed between Exits 2 and 3, and is expected to remain closed until late this afternoon.