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Tax Rates Hold Steady in New Antigonish County Budget

Council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish held the line on its municipal tax rates.

Council passed its municipal operating budget, at $17.63 million, and capital budget, at $3

Amtigonish County Warden Owen McCarron (Antigonish County Muncipality photo)

million, along with the tax rates during a special meeting last night.

The residential tax rate remains at $.88 per $100 of assessment while the commercial rate remains at $1.44 per $100 of assessment. The commercial rate remains the lowest in the province while the residential rate, which remained the same for the last 13 years, is among the lowest.

Major expenses include education, at 22.3 per cent of the budget, and protection services, at 21.8 per cent of the budget.

Initiatives highlighted in the budget include $560,000 in grants and contributions for community groups and projects, improvements to the Beech Hill transfer Station, the Court House, and investments in active transportation and renewable energy. Council also amended its low income property tax exemption so households earning less than $33,000 can receive up to $300 towards property taxes.

Warden Owen McCarron said he was pleased they were able to maintain their tax rates, noting stability in the rates is something to which residents look forward.

The tax bills are going in the mail this week and are due July 8.