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A proposal to close HM MacDonald School prompts meeting of concerned residents at the school Thursday night

Wednesday evenings working committee meeting left a sour taste in the mouths of parents who were in attendance. Without warning, the Strait Regional School Board

About 100 people attended Thursday night’s meeting in Maryvale

made a motion for the closure of H.M. MacDonald Elementary School in Maryvale.

As a result, a special meeting was held Thursday evening at the school to discuss actions that the greater Antigonish community can take. Justin Gregg is a member of the school advisory committee for H.M. MacDonald. His best recommendation to save the school is to contact the school board officials directly:


A vote will be held next week in Port Hawkesbury to decide what the SRSB will do in regards to school closures moving forward. Parents and community members Thursday night stressed that “status quo” is still the preferred outcome.