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Antigonish County Council Exploring Alternatives for Repairing Courthouse

County Council is looking at options for repairs to the Antigonish Courthouse.

Antigonish County Courthouse

Back in March, council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish voted to issue a tender for repairs to the Antigonish Courthouse. At the time, Deputy Warden Hughie Stewart said a number of repairs were needed including new steps leading to the entrance, new doors, windows, and siding.

Warden Owen McCarron said the county received one tender for the work and it was significantly higher than anticipated. Council asked staff to look at other opportunities around getting the work done. He suggested they may do the work in sections.


McCarron said they would like to have some of the exterior work either in the late summer or early fall. He said they are going to look at a few of the repair pieces that have to be done when the weather is favourable. The county has already installed some heat pumps. The Warden said the county allotted around $175,000 in this year’s budget for the repairs.  


Part of the agreement the county has with the province includes the province chipping in for capitol repairs.