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Antigonish County Council receives Reply from Transport Minister on Several Road Questions in the County

On Tuesday evening, Antigonish County Council heard back from Department of Transportation

Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister.

and  Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines regarding a couple of items brought forward by the county.

On Feburary 21, council sent DITR a letter regarding the intersection of Trunk 4 and Trunk 16 in Monastery. In a letter sent to council, Hines stated the department hired a consultant to complete an assessment of the intersection. The report was completed late last month. Before the completion of the report, Hines wote he anticipates the outcome of the study will provide options for improvements of the intersection.

Council had also contacted DITR about the state of the Antigonish Guysborough Road as well as the Caledonia Mills bridge. Hines wrote to council stating the road is not in this year’s capitol program but it will be put fourth as a candidate in a future program, adding every effort will be made to keep the road “in an acceptable state of repair.”

Hines stated the bridge it is not on the current multi-year highway improvement plan but he stated he will ask the district bridge engineer to consider the bridge when prioritizing structures to be considered in future programs.

Warden Owen McCarron said he received a number of calls in the last week regarding the status of the road.