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Antigonish County native Studying how Genders and Cultures Differ in Interactions with Babies

A psychology professor with strong roots to the Antigonish area is trying to understand the differences in culture in relation to “babytalk”. Tanya Broesch works at

Tanya Broesch (From Simon Fraser University web site)

Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and has been looking into how mom and dads talk to their babies in Western and Non-Western Culture.

Broesch says the research has taken her to locations in the South Pacific like the Republic of Vanuatu, where she discovered that men do alter their voices when talking to babies, while men in Canada do not. Broesch says the question now is: “how does this alter development for the child”?:
Broesch says the findings are very interesting, given that women from across cultures do alter the way they talk to children, meaning they raise the pitch of their voice and change tempo. Broesch is embarking on sabbatical next year, where she will return to Nova Scotia and continue her research on human development.