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Antigonish County Warden pleased to see BurMac’s return to St. FX

The annual hockey game between two St. FX residences will return this year to a new venue. It was announced yesterday that the BurMac Winter Classic will be scheduled to take place near the end of March at the Keating Centre.  It will feature a game between the Burke and MacIsaac residences.


The BurMac Cup had been held at the Antigonish Arena, until the town and county of Antigonish voted to cancel the game this year. Antigonish County Warden Russell Boucher says that he received word about the game happening at the Keating Centre. He is happy to see the tradition continue:




A working group presented recommendations to St. FX administration on how the game would proceed.   Commitments were reviewed and supported by both residences.  Students Union President Taylor Chase says he’s pleased that an approach has been developed that promotes a positive atmosphere and allows the game to proceed.