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Antigonish County Warden says the Municipality has a number Initiatives for the Fall

The Warden for the County of Antigonish says it`s going to be a busy fall for the municipality.

Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron

Along with council giving official approval to exploring the possibility of consolidating with the Town of Antigonish into one regional government following a meeting on Monday, Warden Owen McCarron said staff plan to speak with the Department of Municipal affairs today  to look at the next steps in that process.

On top of that, McCarron said they are busy with their normal operations as well as looking at infrastructure projects and other projects for next year.  

In terms of the county`s operations while the province still deals with COVID-19, McCarron said they will continue to follow the public health protocols, adding he feels it`s prudent that the provincial government exercises caution. He said waiting for the next phase of the reopening plan is responsible, adding he feels most residents understand.