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Antigonish NDP candidate advocates to Mental Health Supports and Tax increases for the wealthy

An increase in Mental Health supports is something that a local NDP candidate wants to see moving forward. Moraig Macgillivray sees a need to increase funding and supports for those who seek mental health assistance throughout the province.
Macgillivray says the 600 thousand dollar cut by the Liberals to these services is leaving people waiting to receive the care they need:
Macgillivray says cuts to mental health is a national issue, and she believes and NDP government in Nova Scotia can spark change to help the system.


Macgillivray also says tax increase for the upper 1% is a first step for finding money for healthcare and education in our communities. She is a supporter of a 3% tax increase for anyone who makes over 250 thousand dollars a year.

Macgillivray believes this new tax increase is a great way to increase funding to other areas of the economy:


The proposed tax increase by the NDP would affect 3700 of the highest income earners in the province. Macgillivray says having party leader Gary Burrill stop by her campaign office on Monday gave the team a great boost as they move forward with campaigning.