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Antigonish RCMP Officers Busy Over the Weekend

Antigonish RCMP had a busy weekend.

From Saturday morning until Sunday morning, Antigonish RCMP officers issued 40 tickets under

the liquor control act, six for excessive noise, five for excessive noise from vehicle mufflers, 8 for failing to use a seatbelt or helmet,  20 for window tint or license plate obstruction, and six others under the motor vehicle act. Police also took 18 intoxicated people to cells.

RCMP Sgt. Warren MacBeath said there was a lot of enforcement action but police were mainly concerned about gathering limits and COVID restrictions. MacBeath said police didn’t want to see a repeat of what happened at Dalhousie university last weekend, when a number of students organized and attended large, unsanctioned, and illegal street parties near the Halifax campus.

Even with StFX University’s homecoming festivities going virtual this year, MacBeath said police treated it like a regular homecoming weekend with a lot of people out and about.