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Bruce MacKinnon draws Canada’s Prime Ministers

All of Canada’s 23 Prime Minister’s will be on display in a Nova Scotia art gallery, but with a twist. Halifax based artist and cartoonist, Bruce MacKinnon, who grew up in the Antigonish area was asked to prepare caricature paintings of each Prime Minister, in Bruce’s unique, creative way.

Photo provided by Bruce MacKinnon

MacKinnon says it was a great experience that he wishes his late father could have experienced, who taught Canadian History at St.FX for a number of years. MacKinnon says some paintings, including Sir. John. A MacDonald, were a fun challenge to try and create and re-imagine:
Each of the works will combine the satire and wit that MacKinnon has become well recognised for. The solo exhibit will be on display from now until the start of April next year at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.