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Business owner says local support allowed him to stay and grow his business

 An Antigonish business owner says he’s grateful for the support he received from the local community allowing him to stay and build a successful business.
Mark Gabrieau of Gabrieau’s Bistro says on the eve of his wedding day he found himself out of work.  He and his wife could have taken other offers out of town, but they wanted to build their life here.  Gabrieau says with the encouragement and financial support of local residents, they made it happen.
Gabrieau, who spoke at a business forum in Antigonish this week says it boils down to a question of where you want to work and live.  He says for many young people, it would be easier to go a big city where there’s more jobs; but if you want to remain in a small town you have to create your opportunity or take advantage of someone else’s.