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Cancer survivor brings his journey to Antigonish Area

If you see someone along the highway in the coming days pulling a colorful, makeshift buggy that was originally a benchpress, it’s probably Mikael Champagn.

Mikael Champagn (right) with Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher

Known more commonly as Miguel Love on social media, Love started his journey near Ottawa in 2015 and has travelled all the way to Nova Scotia, which included a walk around the Cape Breton coastline, and a walk up Smokey.

Love says he is doing this because of cancer; he is in remission and a doctor told him that he needed to keep strength in his legs, so now he’s walking the Maritimes. Love says the highlight for the journey has been meeting people along the way:
Love says it’s powerful for him to meet other cancer patients while on the journey and hear their stories. In a sense, Love says he feels like every person he meets is helping him along with his journey.