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Central Nova MP Sean Fraser says Government Routine Will Resume Quickly

With the federal election now over, the Central Nova MP spent the last day or two catching up

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser (House of Commons photo)
Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

with family and thanking those who both helped with the campaign and took their time to vote. Now, he says, it`s time to get back at it.

Sean Fraser, who earned just shy of 18,000 votes for 45 per cent of the Central Nova Vote in his third federal election win, said things will pick up where they left off for the federal government. Immediate items include management of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as new priorities around new transfers for health care, a climate program, and programs aimed at making life more affordable for students, seniors, and families.

As the current results stand, the Liberals picked up three seats in the election that cost somewhere in the area of $600 million. Fraser said the election was not just about trying to land a majority in the House of Commons. He said this time around, the Liberal campaigned on a number of commitments that didn`t reflect government`s agenda in 2019. Also, he said while the government was able to get things done over the course of the pandemic, things shifted in the beginning of 2021 and became close to impossible to get simple things passed.

Fraser again thanked his family, those who contributed to his campaign, and everyone who voted, regardless of their party affiliation.