Coady Institute exploring new opportunities and collaborations closer to home

St. FX University has announced the Coady Institute and StFX Extension will work to re-imagine

Coady International Institute at St. FX University

and operationalize the school’s commitment to social justice and social responsibility.

A release from the university states the Coady will continue its international work while also focusing efforts closer to home and exploring new forms of collaboration.

Dr. June Webber,  Vice President of Coady International Institute and the Extension Department,  said the Coady undertook an institutional strategy that involved exercises to test “where we are in the world”. Through that work, she said they recognized the opportunity was there to bring the learnings and capacity of the local and the global efforts of the Coady and StFX Extension together.

The initiative they are currently designing is a learning environment certificate program for social enterprise that will engage both Canadians as well as global practitioners so they can talk to each other about what they are dealing with and how they can build.