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Commissioned Art Work “Journey” Pays Tribute to the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish and Beyond

It’s a tangible recognition of a new stage in the life of the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish.  At a special ceremony Tuesday at the new home for the Sisters

“Journey” by Anna Syperek

of St. Martha, at Martha Place at Shannex Parkland, a large piece of art was unveiled.  It was commissioned by the Town and County of Antigonish, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation and St. FX University.  The five panel art work, called “Journey” by Anna Syperek, shows an unending road that passes by many familiar scenes, including farmland where many of the sisters grew up, to St. FX University, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, the Bethany Motherhouse, fishing villages, to a big city and the mountains to depict the wide reach of the work of the Sisters.  Congregation leader, Sister Brendalee Boisvert says the depiction of the unending road is fitting of how the Martha’s see themselves.


Boisvert says they felt the love of the local area by the many tributes at the ceremony of the Sister’s long history, to its work at St. FX University, support to

Depiction of St. FX University in “Journey”

local clergy, work in the Antigonish movement and the founding of several hospitals in the Diocese including St. Martha’s Regional

The Bethany Motherhouse in “Journey”

Hospital and the St. Martha’s School of Nursing.

Syperek says the painting shows the many stages in the lives of the Sisters.

Syperek says this is the largest project she has undertaken.   It took three and half months to complete