Community Group seeks Word on Possible Expansion of Pere Fiset Guest Home

A community group wants answers about a potential expansion for a local long-term care home.

Community Matters Allons-y Ensemble says there is a plan for adding a new wing to the Foyer Pere Fiset but there has yet to be a funding commitment from the province. Velvet Dodge Matinnia, chair of the group, says the province knows the new wing is needed, calling the overcrowded nature of the facility a health concern.

Community Matters Allons-y Ensemble did a recent online survey, noting 1,000 people responded in the first two weeks. They also took part in a letter writing campaign to Catherine McKenna, federal minister of infrastructure and communities, as well as the prime minister and Deb Schulte, minister of Seniors, as well  as provincial and municipal officials. Matinnia said everyone the groups speaks to seems to be on board but then still need the funding.


Currently, most of the 70 residents at the facility are two-to a room, with Matinnia noting there is one bathroom per two rooms. She said everyone at the facility is doing their very best.