Community Outreach Worker from Lebanon visits Antigonish

A community outreach worker with a foundation in Lebanon that promotes cultural and religious diversity and coexistence paid a visit to Antigonish this

Nagham Tarhini, Community Outreach Coordinator of Adyan Foundation in Beirut during the visit to the 989XFM studios

week.  Nagham Tarhini was in town for a speech at St. FX University Tuesday night, sharing the work of her group, the Adyan Foundation.  Tarhini says she is learning a lot in visiting Canada about our inclusive society that welcomes various cultures.

Tarhini says Lebanon is a country that has accepted refugees since 1947 beginning from Palestine and more recently from Syria, Iraq and Yemen
Tarhini says there are 18 official demoninations in Lebanon among Muslim, Christian and Jew, but the various faiths have many shared values.
The Foundation is supported by the Canadian Catholic Church agency Development and Peace, which is currently holding its Lent Appeal.  To donate to the appeal, follow this link: