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Concerned Parents and Area Residents March on Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey’s Office over Proposed Education Changes

There was a demonstration in Antigonish Saturday afternoon over proposed changes to the education system.  The protest march,

organized by a group of concerned parents and individuals,  began at the Library and ended at the building housing Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey’s office.  About 100 people took part in the protest.

One of the organizers of the demonstration, Nicole Baden-Clay says it’s concerned about the democratic processes that are being eroded away by some of the decisions that are taking place, including the removal of elected school boards.  Baden-Clay says while there are some positives in the report by consultant Avis Glaze, it’s implementation by government is being made too quickly.


At the conclusion of the march, demonstrators left behind protest signs at the building entrance to Delorey’s  office.