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County of Antigonish Finalize its Members on the Steering Committee Investigating Consolidation of the County and Town of Antigonish

During last night’s regular monthly meeting of council for the Municipality of the County of

Amtigonish County Warden Owen McCarron (Antigonish County Muncipality photo)

Antigonish, members voted to finalize the steering committee tasked with overlooking the  consolidation of the county with the Town of Antigonish into one municipal unit.

Warden  Owen McCarron said they met a few times, adding they spoke with representatives from municipal affairs, and while there is still a lot of work to do, he said they are discussing when they will get out to the community.  


McCarron said on the county side of things, the committee will include himself, deputy warden Hughie Stewart, and county CAO Glen Horne. On the town side, it’s set to include Mayor Laurie Boucher, deputy mayor Andrew Murray and CAO Jeff Lawrence.