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Delorey says he’s honoured to be asked to take on the important role as Health and Wellness Minister

Premier Stephen MacNeil’s cabinet shuffle has many MLA’s hanging up their portfolio’s from one department, and moving on to another. This includes Antigonish MLA

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, Health and Wellness Minister

Randy Delorey.

Delorey has been finance minister for two budgets, but now finds himself appointed to be the Minister of Health and Wellness for the province. Delorey say he looks forward to taking on the task of being health minister, and helping Nova Scotians:
Delorey continues in his role as Minister of Gaelic Affairs, while Karen Casey takes on Delorey’s old role of Finance Minister. Delorey says he would like to again thank the residents of Antigonish who appointed him for another term as the MLA.