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District of Guysborough issues Statement over Gran Fondo Bicycle Tour

Guysborough’s CAO apologized for an email sent to a man formerly involved in a bicycle tour.

On Monday Robert Carter of Lost Shores used Facebook to post an email sent by Guysborough CAO Barry Carroll in which Carroll states “the gloves are off” and “you’re going to wish you never heard of me”. Carroll sent the email on March 9.

On Tuesday, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough issued a response to the Facebook posting, stating the disagreement started over the Gran Fondo, a bicycle tour of the area in which Lost Shores was involved. The statement notes Carter or Lost Shores were involved in the Gran Fondo since its inception, and noted Carter or Lost Shores received around $40,000 in compensation for the event.

Last year, notes the municipality’s statement, Carter informed cyclists and the municipality it would be the final year for the Gran Fondo with Lost Shore’s involvement. The municipality then decided to host the event on its own. However, the municipality states Carter later contacted registered cyclists and contractors of the municipality to let them know he decided to host a Lost Shores Gran Fondo a week before the one offered by the municipality. The municipality states this is what prompted Carroll’s March 9 email.

The statement also shows Carroll apologized the next day and asked to speak over the phone, which they say happened on March 12. Following the conversation, Carroll understood the matters between Carter and the municipality were resolved.

The release states the municipality would not comment further on the matter.