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District of Guysborough upset with Bill that Would Allow CBRM to Sell or Lease Property Less Than Market Value

Officials with the District of Guysborough aren’t happy with a bill introduced in the Legislature they say creates an uneven playing field.

A copy of the bill amending the Municipal Government Act

The bill, introduced last week, would allow the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to sell or lease property at a price less than the market value.
Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts says his municipality has always purchased and sold land for development purposes  at market value, so this proposed change is concerning.
Pitts worries if this bill is passed, it could potentially pit one municipality against another.  The municipality has written a letter to the province expressing its objections to the bill.
The municipality adds that that if the province is going to open up the Municipal Government Act for CBRM, it should do the same courtesy to the District of Guysborough