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Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet parents lobby for Expansion

Pomquet is looking to expand their school as concerns mount regarding size and enrollment at the school. L’ecole acadienne de Pomquet held a meeting over the weekend with representatives from the French language school board, CSAP, calling for the board to put Pomquet at the top of the list for Provincial funding.

The school in Pomquet experiences a unique problem in the province; enrolment is increasing yearly, but space is limited. Already, the school of 300 students has 3 portable classrooms, two grade primary, one, and two classes, and for the first time ever, a grade 3-4 split class. Crammed classrooms mean that some students are missing out on learning opportunities; specialty classrooms like home economics are converted into classrooms to provide extra space.

The home and school committee is calling on guardians to call on their local political leaders to support the expansion.