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Study Finds Economic Impact of Non-Profit Sector in Pictou County Significant

A study looking at the economic impact of the area’s non-profit sector yielded some interesting results for the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber executive director Jack Kyte said the project is a chamber initiative done in consultation with local non-profit organizations. The report looked at the economic impact of Pictou County’s non-profit sector as well as some of the challenges and concerns facing non-profit organizations, as well as their relationship with the business community.  The annual budgets of the 44 non-profit groups interviewed for the report totalled $48.5 million, with $4.5 million spent on the purchase of goods and services, over 300 full time employees,  over 500 part time employees, an annual payroll of $31 million, and around 1,500 volunteers annually.

He said this obviously has a dramatic impact on the local economy.

Kyte said the other thing that became clear was that business and community are interconnected in a number of ways. He called the report and eye opener, noting the 44 groups interviewed only makes up about 15 per cent of the area’s 300 plus non-profit organizations.