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St. Mary’s River Days at Sherbrooke Village

July 13, 2018 – July 15, 2018 all-day
Sherbrooke Village
St. Mary’s River Days at Sherbrooke Village @ Sherbrooke Village

St. Mary’s River Days at Sherbrooke Village
2018 Schedule

Offering Family Fun for Everyone!

Friday, July 13

7 pm – Free Outdoor Concert at the Performance Centre

9:30 pm – Fireworks behind Performance Centre Field

10 pm Star gazing with Ron

Saturday, July 14

11 am – St. Mary’s Boat Club Flotilla, leaving from boat launch

11 am – Old Fashioned Christmas Association Auction & BBQ in Village Centre Field

1 pm – County Fair in Village Centre Field, BBQ will continue, there will be field games for all ages, bring your team or join one here for the Ultimate Santa Race, Tug-of-War, sack and three-legged races, washer toss, pie eating contest, story time for all ages. There will be face painting, painting and crafts for children and cultural activities.

6:30 & 9 pm – Theatrical production with Lion’s Den Theatre presenting “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, St. James Presbyterian Church. Adults $15, Children, $7 at the door or by calling 1-888-743-7845

Sunday, July 15

8 am Bird Watching Hike leaving from Sawmill Parking Lot

10 am Ducky Race $5 each. Cash Prizes in the amounts of $100 for 1st place, $50 for  2nd place and $25 for 3rd place will be awarded. Call now to pick a duck 1-888-743-7845

11 am Cardboard Boat Regatta from Sherbrooke Boat Launch. Two races one for ages under 14 and one for 14 and over. Dress and design for themes; adults theme will be “Mischievous Mayhem”/Temperance Times; theme for children will be Huck Finn. Prizes will be awarded.

2 pm Sawmill/Goldmine Frolic with: woodsmen’s competitions, gold panning & prospecting, samples of our homemade baked beans and brown bread. Prizes will be awarded.

Cardboard Boat Regatta Rules & Regulations
July 15, 2018
(Theme for adults will be “Mischievous Mayhem”/Temperance Times, theme for children will be Huck Finn),

Race # 1 – Children’s under 14, (parents/guardians will be responsible for their children) launch at 11 am

Race #2 – will be for those 14 and over, launch will be at 11:45
Registration begins at 10:15.  Prize categories in both race will be:

  1. “Fastest Time Award” – Getting your numbered flag & return to wharf
  2. “Floating Spirit Award” – Best Boat/Costume design
  3. “Titanic Award” – Going Down in Style

Construction Material & Rules

  1. Acceptable Building Materials (Supplied by Your Team)
    • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Cardboard Blocks
    • Cardboard Carpet Tubes (No Sauna Tubes)
    • Duct tape
    • Rope – 12 ft.
    • One Gallon Water Jug
    • Canoe Paddles
    • Decorations
  2. Unacceptable Building Material
    • NO wood, plastic, rubber, inflatable devices, styrofoam, fiberglass or plastic.
    • NO caulking compounds, two-part/mixed adhesives, glues or epoxy mixtures or coatings are allowed.
    • NO electrical, gasoline, benzene, propane or other chemical or electrical propulsion systems are permitted.
    • NO surfboard style boat is allowed.
    • NO Pre-treated cardboard such as waxed cardboard.
  3. Everyone must be in a boat, no swimmers or pulling/pushing boats from the water
  4. Decorations are allowed and encouraged provided they are not used as structural or floatation elements.
  5. Crew costumes are encouraged.
  6. Design is left to builder(s). Let your imagination take over. Get those creative juices flowing!
  7. Your boat must be propelled by canoe paddles. The crew compartment CANNOT be enclosed so as to interfere with escape.
  8. Each boat must carry a closed gallon plastic jug with 12’ rope tether firmly secured to the vessel. Gallon jugs are to remain inside boat while racing, they are not to be used as floatation for the vessel. This is for use in locating and retrieving any sunken remains.
  9. During competition, at least one of the crew must be IN the boat, not towing it, or holding it between their legs, swimming, or allowing the life jacket to provide the floatation of the vessel.
  10. Every crew member that is entering the water must wear a personal floatation device (PFD). Not to be used to float the vessel in any way!