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Hawthorne-Main Street Upgrades in Antigonish Creating Discussion in the Town

Antigonish’s mayor said council heard from a number of people regarding the Hawthorne and Main Street intersection upgrades.

On February 5, Antigonish Town Council issued a press release detailing the contract the town awarded to B.D. Clifton Contracting last night for the Hawthorne and Main Street intersection upgrades. The project is set to begin in May.  

The contract was for $560,115 plus tax. In the release, the town also offered a breakdown of the costs associated with the project. $186,000 is going towards the traffic light system; $175,000 is for asphalt work; $93,000 is for sidewalks; $75,000 is for storm sewer work, and $31,000 is going towards the water utility.

When asked if they received any comments from the community regarding the project, Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said the town wants to be transparent and be able to listen to residents, as well as visitors to the community. Boucher said she received a number of communications regarding the project.

Once people learned where the money is going and why it’s going there, said Boucher, they tended to have a better understanding of the overall project. Boucher said council welcomes anyone who questions town expenditures to approach them to make sure they are responsible with taxpayers money.