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Health Authority commits to communicate with the public on its Doctor Recruitment initiatives

The President and CEO of the Nova Scotia Health Authority Janet Knox says its accepts the recommendations made by the Auditor General on the health-related performance audit released today.
Michael Pickup says the provincial strategy to recruit more family doctors is too vague.  The audit also says despite growing concern over a lack of access to doctors, government and the health authority have done a poor job in defining its plan for primary care.  Knox, who is in Port Hawkesbury today says it’s committed to communicating with the public on its plans and to talk those who are having difficulty in accessing a doctor.
The audit also says the approach to mental health care across the province is not consistent and has led to significant variation in wait time standards, elibility criteria and how clients are assessed.  The authority’s director of Mental Health and Addictions, Dr. Linda Courey, says that is being worked on, and is committed to equitable access.