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Health Care and the Economy are Key Issues Central Nova Liberal Incumbent Sean Fraser is Hearing Door-to-Door

Central Nova Liberal incumbent Sean Fraser said he plans to be out knocking on more doors as

Central Nova  Liberal incumbent Sean Fraser (House of Commons photo)
Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

the federal election campaign picks up. He said it is all about interacting with constituents, adding there were numerous policies that came directly from speaking with local residents.

What the Liberals want to do, he says, is focus on concrete policies dealing with major issues, such as health care and the economy. On health care, for example, he said the plans include transferring more funding for doctor recruitment and major investments expanding long term care access.

Fraser said there is a lot more to do as the Liberals continue to roll out their platform, but he says people can expect more policies focusing on making life more affordable and doing more to fight climate change