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Heatherton group outlines ideas for a Skateboard Park

A community group that’s proposing to establish a skateboard park in Heatherton presented its ideas before a public meeting last night.  The Heatherton Area Recreation Skateboard Association is suggesting the park would be located in a highly visible area, where it could be seen by passing motorists at the 104 highway-Summerside Road intersection.  The park, on the Heatherton Community Centre grounds,  would cover 10-thousand square feet.  It would cost about 200-thousand dollars, with a further suggestion to upgrade the nearby playground for another 200-thousand with an additional 50-thousand dollars set aside for miscellaneous costs.

There were a number of questions about specifics of the park including the design, but association president Matt Schumacher says it’s at the preliminary stages now.

Schumacher says the skateboard park could attract youth and young families to the area.
The group is hoping construction could begin in 2019.

In order for the project to proceed, it still requires the approval of the community centre board of directors.  Also at the meeting, were the current and former recreation directors in the municipality of Chester, where a skatepark was built there a few years ago.