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Hockey Nova Scotia announces Rebound Plan to Get Players Safely Back on the Ice

Hockey Nova Scotia has a plan in place to get kids back on the ice.

Last week, the province’s governing body for hockey released its Rebound plan with the goal of getting players back on the ice safely. Hockey Nova Scotia president Arnie Farrell said they based the plan on information from the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Hockey Canada, and the province’s return to sport guidelines.

Both Hockey Canada and the province reviewed and approved the rebound plan, which is now in the hands of the various community hockey associations. Each associations will develop their own plans, which Farrell noting the province is home to around 85 arenas, each with their own challenges, be it size, age, or number of players served.

 As part of the plan, Farrell said players will likely have to come to the arenas dressed to go on the ice, dressing room management will be dictated by the arenas and each association will have to elect a safety rep, with Hockey Nova Scotia providing training.  Hockey Nova Scotia also selected Dr. Tina Atkinson as its’ chief medical officer.

A copy of the Rebound Plan can be found by following this link: https://bit.ly/2ZCyaPe